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Fans weren't thrilled with 'Rent Live'

It didn't take some viewers five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes to figure out they didn't love Fox's live version of "Rent" which ended up not being live at all.

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10 watches that changed the world

Mechanical watchmaking is not a world of revolutions, it's a world of evolutions, where change comes only slowly and tradition is a sacred trust. In the five hundred or so years that watches have existed, however, there have been a few that have changed the watchmaking world. Some of these watches broke new ground in design, some in technology -- and some both. Here are ten that made history and became part of it at the same time.

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Mars trip... with spouse. Takers?

One man. One woman. Five hundred and one days in an RV-size space capsule. Will they still be speaking when they return?

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Afghans hold anti-U.S. rally following abuse claims

Maiden Shar, AFGHANISTAN (Reuters) - More than five hundred men marched through the capital of Afghanistan's restive Wardak province on Tuesday in an outburst of anger against U.S. special forces accused of overseeing torture and killings in the area.

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