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Embodiment of Lewis' lifelong sacrifice set to honor him at crucial moment in US history

Inside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s church in Atlanta, the nation's first Black president -- who has acknowledged there only was a Black president because of what Civil Rights icon and eventual Congressman John Lewis sacrificed -- will deliver the eulogy. His two White predecessors, both children of a Civil Rights era that Lewis helped galvanize, will speak before him.

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Unemployment claims rise for second week in a row

In yet another sign that the economic recovery is teetering in a resurgence of coronavirus cases, the number of Americans filing first-time unemployment claims rose for the second week in a row.

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India gets fighter jets from France

Five French-made jet fighters arrived in India on Wednesday, the first of 36 New Dehli ordered as it moves to upgrade its air force amid a spike in tensions with China.

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Analysis: Two things are clear about the alarming plummet in US relations with China

Two things are clear about the alarming plummet in US relations with China: First, President Donald Trump and his team are deliberately stoking the flames, in a bid to revive his reelection campaign. Second, tensions between the world's most powerful nation and its rising rival may not be much better if Joe Biden is the next president.

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