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Biden faces huge Afghanistan decision

As America's war in Afghanistan comes to an end, many see the inevitable parallels to Vietnam -- a long aimless war, a determined enemy ready to out bleed us, and now an evacuation reminiscent of the chaos of Saigon's final hours.

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Opinion: 'What a senseless, self-inflicted wound'

During my final months of residency training in Florida this past spring, I lost count of how many young, healthy Covid-19 patients I cared for in the emergency room who just never imagined that they -- of all people -- could become seriously ill.

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Opinion: I used to be an elite athlete. I understand Simone Biles's struggle

Simone Biles, the greatest gymnast in history, made a life-changing choice on Tuesday: She withdrew from the finals of the team competition, putting her own wellbeing first. Her team went on without her, winning silver as the Russian team took the gold. She told members of the media: "I'd just never felt like this going into a competition before and I tried to go out there and have fun... but once I came out here, I was like: No, the mental's not there, so I just need to let the girls do it and focus on myself."

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Biles: 'I have to focus on my mental health'

Simone Biles withdrew from the women's team gymnastics final at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics on Tuesday, citing mental heath concerns as she attempts to protect "her body and mind."

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Final victim identified in Surfside collapse

The last remaining missing person from the Champlain Towers South building collapse in Surfside, Florida, was identified Monday, ending a month-long search and recovery operation.

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The scorching hot used car market may finally be cooling off

For months, used car prices have been soaring at an unprecedented rate. That has led to some strange situations, like people selling used pickup trucks for more than they bought them for a year ago and even cars with more than 100,000 miles gaining a lot in value.

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