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20 buzzy films premiering at Sundance 2022

The Sundance Film Festival has kicked off in an online-only format due to Covid-19 concerns after initially being scheduled as a hybrid of both virtual and in-person screening events in Park City, Utah. Here are some of the feature films and documentaries premiering at Sundance this year.

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The biggest films of the 2022 award season

From a film about a giant falling comet threatening Earth to a return to the deserts of "Dune" and the vibrant streets of "West Side Story," here's a look at some of the movies making a splash this award season.

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The cult classic that established the 'Wes Anderson' effect turns 20

If a Wes Anderson fan were to make a list of all the things that make them so bewitched with the director's films, it might include the following: bespoke design, symmetrical close-ups, a highly saturated color palette, eccentric characters and impeccably studied outfits. But also carefully shot compositions, elaborate sets, observant human comedy and a sense for the whimsical that few other filmmakers have been able to match.

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Is 'Die Hard' really a Christmas movie?

Is "Die Hard" really a Christmas movie? Is "Love Actually" actually any good? Have you ever seen "Jingle Jangle"? CNN's "Pop Off" hosts weigh in on their favorite holiday films of the season. Subscribe to Lisa's "Pop Life Chronicles" newsletter here.

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Bear featured in countless films and TV shows dies

Bart the Bear II, a famed grizzly bear who had appeared in countless movies and TV series such as "We Bought a Zoo" and "Game of Thrones," has died, according to his family, Lynne and Doug Seus.

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'Passing' brilliantly maps America's 'color line'

During the 1970s, when I was in my 20s (and a committed, adventurous moviegoer), films as stylistically daring and thematically challenging as "Passing" -- Rebecca Hall's widely acclaimed directorial debut, adapted from Nella Larsen's novel about race and identity in 1920s Harlem -- were more the rule than the exception.

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'Dolphin Tale' inspiration has died

Winter, an injured dolphin who learned to swim with a prosthetic tale and whose story served as the inspiration for two heartwarming films, died Thursday, according to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, where she resided.

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Guns can be safe on films, but only if...

I don't love guns. But as a firearms safety specialist, they are the tools of my profession. I respect them, and I teach others to respect them too. After 30 years of working with firearms in the film industry, I've learned one very important lesson: When handled responsibly, firearms are as safe as any other prop on a film set.

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'Dune' review

To anyone who remembers seeing David Lynch's 1984 version of "Dune" and thinking, "OK, so that happened," director Denis Villeneuve has conjured a far more coherent narrative filled with stunning images and massive machinery. He has also split the book into two films, leaving audiences to consume the less compelling first half before ending somewhat abruptly in the middle.

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Opinion: 'What If...?' is a fantasy about the fantasy

What sets "What If...?", Marvel's newest show on Disney+, apart from previous offerings "WandaVision," "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" and "Loki" is that, while they all spin-off from the Marvel films and feature actors reprising their roles, "What If...?" is animated. It's still set in the same interconnected Marvel Cinematic Universe, though. Sort of.

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