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Covid-19 is surging in small-town America

After more than half a year of fighting the novel coronavirus, many countries, including the United States, are now experiencing a calamitous upward turn in Covid-19 cases. Last week saw consecutive days of over 50,000 cases nationwide pushing the total number of diagnosed cases over 8 million.

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Europe faces new obstacle as second wave engulfs continent

As coronavirus cases spike across the continent, European governments are facing a new obstacle in their efforts to enforce restrictions -- with several major cities and regions fighting back against instructions to lock down in recent days.

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Sean Penn and José Andrés: Trump has a duty

For more than seven months we've been fighting an invisible enemy on American soil. Every day, American citizens are suffering from the devastation of Covid-19. It has been a vicious and indiscriminate force ravaging communities, claiming more than 210,000 American lives and shattering the economy.

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How you can stir up some 'good trouble' through causes John Lewis supported

John Lewis' tireless push for civil rights did not die with him on July 17, 2020. The longtime representative of Georgia's 5th congressional district spent his lifetime fighting for the oppressed and forgotten. And he wrote the playbook for the next generation to get into what he called "good trouble, necessary trouble."

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