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How to watch today's trial

Saturday marks the fifth day of the Senate impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, after a dramatic week that saw House impeachment managers and Trump's legal team offer dueling arguments over whether the former President was at fault for the January 6 riot at the US Capitol.

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Snow blindness can sneak up on you, but prevention is easy

As the only American to have climbed all 14 of the world's peaks over 26,000 feet above sea level — and the fifth person to do so without using supplemental oxygen — high-altitude mountaineer Ed Viesturs has come closer to the sun here on Earth than most of us ever will.

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Harrison Ford will return as Indiana Jones

Harrison Ford will be grabbing his whip and ramming on his hat for a fifth "Indiana Jones" movie, Disney has confirmed -- a mere 41 years after the first installment, "Raiders of the Lost Ark," was released.

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Trump hangs over Obama's memoir like an onrushing train

Around the fifth anniversary of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, in late spring of 2016, President Barack Obama did an interview with CNN. Obama was seated at the head of the long conference room table in the White House Situation Room and after I asked the President a number of questions about his decision to authorize that operation, I changed direction. I asked: "Donald Trump. What are your thoughts, if he was to be sitting in this chair, about how he would be handling these decisions?"

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USPS reports drop in on-time mail ballots, again

For the fifth day in a row, the US Postal Service moved fewer ballots on-time in critical battleground states than it did in the previous day, according to new court filings. CNN's Kristen Holmes tells Anderson Cooper all the details.

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