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'Homecoming' adds a new chapter

A second season of "Homecoming" seemed unnecessary, especially with its primary draw, Julia Roberts, bowing out as the star. Yet the producers have managed the difficult feat of layering a new story on top of the original, in an easily consumed binge that features Janelle Monae while bringing back co-star Stephan James.

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Electoral College's glitch can't be easily fixed

The Electoral College continues to be perhaps the most maligned feature in our Constitution. It will be front and center Wednesday when the Supreme Court hears arguments concerning a seemingly small but essential part of the complicated process we use to select the president and vice-president of the United States.

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The world is paying a high price for cheap clothes

When shoppers entered H&M's flagship store in central London last summer, the first thing they would have seen was a dark blue, flowery minidress hanging front and center. On sale for just £4 (or $4.80 US), the dress featured more than a low price tag. It also boasted a green label with the word "CONSCIOUS."

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