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Tokyo Olympics' economic losses will be 'enormous,' says Suntory CEO

Olympic sponsors have been left frustrated at the absence of spectators at the majority of Olympic events. Not only do they risk losing their returns on investment and high-profile tickets for the events for their executives and clients, some have expressed fears of a consumer backlash. Japanese companies had paid a record $3 billion dollars to sponsor the Games -- and many had paid out extra to extend contracts after the Games were postponed beyond 2020. CNN's Selina Wang speaks exclusively with Olympic sponsors and the CEO of Suntory, one of Japan's biggest beverage makers, who says the Games are losing their commercial value.

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Opinion: Rachel Nichols' words confirm the fears faced by women of color

So many women of color face a terrible, nagging fear every day, at school or at work or in their everyday lives: that the White women who publicly profess their commitment to racial inclusion are only engaging in a pantomime. There is constant worry that in private, their masks of woke tolerance come off and the derision of racial minorities, particularly minority women, comes out.

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What Cosby's release means to sexual assault survivors

In my clinical practice, I have worked with more than 25 women and girls who have reported to me being raped or otherwise sexually assaulted. Many of them had unwittingly ingested a drug secretly given by the assailant, leading to confusion, weakness or unconsciousness before these encounters. I've been overwhelmed by their courage in sharing their harrowing stories. The resulting symptoms have varied enormously, including anxiety disorders, depression, rage, crippling fears, post-traumatic stress and deep-seated guilt.

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What we know about the Covid-19 Delta variant first found in India

A coronavirus variant first detected in India in February has now gone global, popping up in dozens of countries and raising fears that the strain may spearhead a wave of infection that could overwhelm health care systems, reverse reopening plans and even potentially undermine the rollout of vaccines.

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Why Wall Street fears a global tax deal

Looking to fund big spending projects at home, the United States has an ambitious pitch for countries around the world: It's time to overhaul the global tax system.

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White men not the only Americans stocking up on guns

Pandemic fears, social unrest and political polarization have contributed to Americans buying guns in record numbers. 4.7 million firearms were sold in March of 2021, the most in a month since the FBI started counting more than 20 years ago. CNN's Nick Watt reports.

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Fears for Afghan translators' safety as US troops withdraw

The US military's goal of withdrawing all troops from Afghanistan by September 11 is underway, but not everyone who served will be able to leave by then. CNN's Michael Holmes reports on the Afghan translators who will be left behind due to a lengthy visa process.

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