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Opinion: Trump is shafting federal workers

President Donald Trump ran for office as a populist. He swore to fight for the "forgotten men and women," a phrase he stole from FDR. But under his presidency, the middle class remains forgotten -- hammered is more like it.

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Opinion: Why FDR had a military parade

Except that, unlike Trump's call for one to best France, FDR's was accompanied by a profound speech that expressed "the democratic aspiration," and reflected understanding of America's vital military, moral and humanitarian role in the rest of the world, writes Susan Dunn.

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That time FDR threw a toga party at the White House

Believe it or not, there is a tasteful way to hold a toga party. President Franklin D. Roosevelt proved that with his 1934 Roman-themed birthday bash. Ahead of President Donald Trump's birthday on June 14, we're taking a #FlashbackFriday look at a very memorable presidential birthday from the past.

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FDR, JFK, RR and Trump?

With the cruise missile attack on a Syrian airbase, President Trump has turned the national conversation away from the Russia scandal and White House infighting.

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Trump: Banning Muslims in U.S. not unlike FDR's WWII policy

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Tuesday likened his proposal to ban Muslims from entering the United States to policies implemented by former U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt against people of Japanese, German and Italian descent during World War Two.

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When Fidel Castro sent FDR fan mail

A dig through the National Archives shows a young Fidel Castro sent a letter to the White House praising Franklin D. Roosevelt. He also had a special request.

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Is Rick Perry sunk for 2016?

Errol Louis says LBJ, FDR and Nixon among politicians who successfully ran for office while trailing the taint of party machine politics, but that doesn't mean the Texas governor is still anything but a long shot

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Rare footage shows FDR walking

A rare video showing a walking President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was paralyzed from the waist down by polio in 1921, has been donated to the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.

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FDR's D-Day prayer

On D-Day, June 6, 1944, President Franklin D. Roosevelt used this national radio address to pray for the troops.

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