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Opinion: What history can teach Biden about facing insurrection on Inauguration Day

On January 20, Joe Biden will be inaugurated the next President of the United States. But his Inauguration Day comes amid increased threats from extremists who falsely challenge the legitimacy of his election. As a result, the President-elect will no longer be taking Amtrak to Washington DC for his ceremony. An inauguration rehearsal scheduled for Sunday has been postponed. And the National Mall is closed through at least next Thursday.

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GOP lawmakers' fiery language under more scrutiny after deadly Capitol riot

As he fired up a crowd of Trump supporters gathered at Arizona's state capitol last month, Rep. Paul Gosar falsely assured them that the election results could still be overturned. "Once we conquer the Hill," the six-term Republican declared to a wave of cheers, "Donald Trump is returned to being the president."

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What is the Insurrection Act?

Viral social media posts have falsely claimed that President Donald Trump invoked the Insurrection Act of 1807 law to deploy American soldiers to police US streets. That didn't happen.

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The 25th Amendment isn't enough for Trump

President Donald J. Trump is an immoral force in the most powerful office in the world, and he must be stopped. Since falsely equating peaceful protesters and White supremacists in the aftermath of Charlottesville in his first year in office, Trump has repeatedly demonstrated that he is incapable of making morally sound choices. Worse, he intentionally makes debased ones that harm people, governmental institutions and sacred traditions in order to enrich himself. Consequently, Congress, the criminal justice system and the general public must hold Trump accountable.

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