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I went to Washington for joy, and Amanda Gorman delivered it

Like millions of other Americans, I was infected with Covid-19 in 2020 -- part of a wave of suffering that came as a direct result of the way the Trump administration failed to manage the pandemic. While I thankfully recovered, it wasn't lost on me that I got sick while reporting on the plight of meat processing workers in Arkansas whose pleas to be seen and heard amid the pandemic were going largely ignored. At the end of four years of a presidency in which journalists like me were regularly declared "enemies of the people" and after recovering from Covid-19, I began 2021 wondering how to recover my hope for democracy and sense of faith in the citizens of the United States.

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The renegade Catholic clerics who shamefully backed Trump's Big Lie

During the two days before the January 6 riot in the Capitol, numerous far-right websites carried an interview with a Catholic archbishop who warned that the United States would be "wiped out from history" if it failed to expose "now" what his interviewer called "the coordinated theft of our election."

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Opinion: Whether unprepared or unwilling, police failed at the US Capitol

I was not present on Capitol Hill Wednesday when insurrectionist rioters dealt the United States Capitol, the heart of America's democracy, a penetrating wound. But like millions -- billions -- of people worldwide who had screens to watch and eyes to watch them with, I nevertheless saw.

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Analysis: Trump is right, $600 isn't enough. But $2,000 isn't either

After months of failed negotiations and political feuding, Congress finally approved a $900 billion relief package this week, nearly nine months after the record $2.2 trillion passed in March, and against the backdrop of a country riddled with economic peril and surging coronavirus cases.

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Israel's government collapses, triggering 4th election in 2 years

The Israeli government collapsed on Tuesday at midnight (17.00 EST) local time after the country's parliament failed to meet a deadline for passage of the 2020 and 2021 budgets. Israel will now head to its fourth elections in two years, probably on March 23 next year.

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The many U-turns of Boris Johnson

Prime Minister Boris Johnson surprised the United Kingdom this weekend by announcing tough new coronavirus restrictions in some areas just days after saying such measures would be "inhuman." But at the close of an unpredictable and unprecedented year, the British leader's U-turn on holiday season travel and gatherings was just one more in a series of rosy predictions and failed promises. Here's a short review:

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Track Electoral College votes, state by state

• What is a faithless elector and how common are they? • Why faithless electors won't matter this year • 'Credible threats of violence' prompt closure of Michigan capitol to the public ahead of Electoral College vote • Analysis: Electoral College set to seal Trump's fate -- yet again • Trump's challenges failed but there's still room for drama • Opinion: The 126 Republicans who signed on for 'an act of cynical, unpatriotic, undemocratic hypocrisy'

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Controversial Princess Diana interview from 1995 is under investigation again

In a 1996 interview with the BBC, Princess Diana lifted the lid on her failed marriage with Prince Charles. Her conversation with journalist Martin Bashir ignited criticism and changed the course of royal history. Now the BBC is reopening an investigation on whether it acted improperly to land the interview.

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Analysis: How Republicans live in a bubble, too

Following Hillary Clinton's loss in the 2016 election, there was a lot of talk how the Democrats lived in a bubble. They failed to see President Donald Trump's win coming and nominated someone who lost to the least-liked candidate of all time.

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It's time to end the nation's failed war on marijuana

This year has brought the tangible impacts of deep-rooted systemic racism in our country to the forefront. From our criminal justice system to public health disparities, the last several months have revealed what we already knew to be true: Communities of color bear the brunt of our nation's most egregious and unjust policies. Now, we have an opportunity to close this year by dismantling a form of systemic racism -- the nation's failed war on drugs.  

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