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Medics are down to their last defense with coronavirus swamping their town

Coronavirus is winning the battle in El Centro, California. It's in almost every patient in the hospital. Tents are being put up to handle even more cases. It's on the streets, forcing rescuers to put on protective suits and cumbersome masks before they approach people needing help. And it's not stopping. Even as nearby and faraway facilities take patients to try to ease the load, more and more sick people keep coming. And so do the deaths. The workers are exhausted. The virus is not.

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80 artists are writing messages in the skies above ICE detention centers

This Independence Day Weekend, 80 artists are asking Americans to look up at the skies. Over July 3 and 4, messages related to immigration will be written at 10,000 feet by World War II military planes, sky-typed over 80 sites related to the country's network of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention facilities, immigration courts, and the southern border. The idea is to bring attention to these facilities, which may not be familiar to many Americans.

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California makes face coverings mandatory outside the home

Californians are now required to wear masks in a variety of public settings when social distancing isn't possible. The order by Gov. Gavin Newsom includes visits to high-risk settings such as healthcare facilities and while people are waiting or riding public transit.

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Florida and Texas governors blame spike in cases on testing

As coronavirus cases spike in Florida and Texas this week, the state's Republican governors attributed the alarming trends to increased testing, outbreaks in high-risk areas like jails and assisted living facilities, or in Florida's case, migrant worker communities. They've also brushed away pleas from local officials for stronger requirements to wear masks.

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Daily Turkish coronavirus cases rise to 1,459

The number of new coronavirus cases in Turkey rose to 1,459 in the last 24 hours from 1,195 a day earlier, Health Ministry data showed on Saturday, increasing after travel restrictions were lifted and facilities reopened at the start of the month.

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Daily Turkish coronavirus cases rise back above 1,000

The number of new coronavirus cases in Turkey rose above 1,000 in the last 24 hours for the first time since May 29, Health Ministry data showed on Friday, after the easing of travel restrictions and reopening of public facilities at the start of last week.

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