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Prosecutors to deliver final rebuttal in the trial of Arbery's killing

Prosecutors will begin court proceedings Tuesday in the trial over the killing of Ahmaud Arbery with a rebuttal to closing arguments made by the defense, which some legal experts felt were racially insensitive and led to Arbery's mother excusing herself from the courtroom.

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How long should you brush your teeth? Here are some tips from experts

A lot of us are familiar with the advice that we should brush our teeth twice a day, and for at least two minutes each time. Many of us overestimate how long we brush our teeth for -- by as much as a whole minute in some cases. And yet there's some evidence that even two minutes of teeth brushing may not be enough.

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Extreme UV radiation is broiling Bolivia's highlands

Bolivia's highlands city of La Paz has been hit by an unusual heatwave, with levels of ultraviolet (UV) radiation soaring off the charts, exacerbated by unusually low levels of cloud cover some experts link to climate change.

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Opinion: The case for Covid boosters just got stronger

The Covid-19 pandemic recently passed two very different milestones: More than half of the world has received at least one vaccine against the infection while at the same time, the 5 millionth person has died of the disease. The persistence of large swaths of the unvaccinated people despite ample vaccine supplies here in the US continues to frustrate public health experts, resulting in an array of strategies to sway the vaccine-hesitant.

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