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What happens in an emergency like United 328

For those who haven't had the opportunity to follow this past weekend's dramatic story, United Flight 328, a Boeing 777-200, departed Denver Airport bound for Honolulu at 1:04 p.m. local time. A few minutes into the trip, the airplane experienced what we call in the business a catastrophic engine failure. The event also qualified as an uncontained engine failure because various pieces of the engine scattered debris onto a nearby suburb. The covering of the engine, similar in function to the hood of a car and known as the cowling, completely separated from the engine.

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Opinion: America saw and heard January 6 all over again this week

For many Americans this week, myself included, the traumatizing videos the House managers presented during the impeachment trial elicited a visceral response. Rarely has the American public experienced such a compelling example of the power of images and sound to communicate in ways that written texts cannot. That wrenching emotional punch needed to land with us. It's a reminder that unless we hold leaders like former President Donald Trump accountable for their dangerous and manipulative uses of misinformation, they will be free -- or worse, emboldened -- to repeat such actions in the future.

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Why the Senate must confirm Biden's DHS pick

In nearly 28 years in Congress -- including six spent as chair of the US House Committee on Homeland Security -- I have never experienced a day quite like that which my colleagues and I endured last Wednesday. Having lived through 9/11 and other attacks, most Americans have little difficulty appreciating the threat of foreign terrorism and the need to vigilantly guard against it. But never in our lifetimes has the threat of domestic terrorism struck so close to the bedrock of our nation.

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Opinion: The striking parallels between the assaults on Charlottesville and the Capitol

Wednesday's violent insurrection at the Capitol building in Washington, DC -- as horrifyingly unprecedented as it was -- also had a quality that we've experienced repeatedly over the past four years: It was both shocking and surreal, and yet eerily familiar and entirely predictable. The scenes playing out at the Capitol echoed those that took place in Charlottesville in August of 2017, which I witnessed in-person and later reported on, following a known pattern of right-wing political unrest that has been nurtured by the President and his party.

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The Georgia results are all on Trump

Imagine going to the polls in the midst of an outgoing president's attempt to overturn the previous election's results -- what I would call a preemptive coup. Now imagine that two of the candidates on the ballot in that election are part of that effort to prevent the winner of election from taking office. That's what Georgia voters experienced in the US Senate runoff where they just dealt yet another defeat to President Donald Trump and to those who have joined him in their indelibly shameful assault on American democracy.

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Even Hollywood wouldn't have scripted the saga of Putin, Navalny and Trump

In the waning weeks of the convulsive Trump presidency, in the last days of the surreal year 2020, three stories are coming together to produce the kind of cinematic ending that -- like much of what we have experienced this year -- even Hollywood executives might have found too far-fetched to put on screen.

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