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Where to expect snow as a massive storm system hits East Coast

A massive storm system dumping snow on the central US is expected to wallop much of the country's eastern third with snow and freezing rain this weekend, and could cause a crippling ice event in parts of Georgia, Virginia and the Carolinas by Sunday.

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Georgia voting rights groups boycott Biden's Atlanta speech

A coalition of voting rights groups in Georgia announced Monday that they will not attend events surrounding President Joe Biden's expected visit to Atlanta, urging for concrete action instead of what they called a "photo op."

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Americans are tired of Covid and ready to spend

The Omicron variant may be hurtling the labor market, hospitals, travel and in-person events into states of upheaval, but it's not expected to deter consumers from spending, Wells Fargo economists said Wednesday.

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He took a risk on Barack Obama

In the spring of 2006, I received an unexpected call from my friend and client, Barack Obama, who was then a little more than a year into his career in the US Senate.

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Opinion: The legacy of John Madden

Football legend John Madden died unexpectedly Tuesday morning at the age of 85. When I heard the news, my mind flashed back to the early 1980s when I began covering the Oakland Raiders (now the Las Vegas Raiders) for The San Francisco Examiner. That was two years after Madden ended his decade coaching the team. All I knew of John Earl Madden back then was the guy on TV with the easy smile, jumbo-sized eyebrows and folksy ways. He was that cartoon character in the flesh yelling, "Boom!" out of nowhere during nationally televised NFL games.

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Florida bald eagle eggs are about to hatch

It's almost time! A pair of baby eagles in southwest Florida are expected to hatch at any time, and the heartwarming moment will be caught on camera for everyone to see.

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