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John Roberts shatters Supreme Court expectations

• SCOTUS blocks controversial abortion law • Toobin: Something is going on with Roberts • John Roberts defies Trump and conservatives with another legacy decision • Supreme Court declines border wall case

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Trump and Pence: a two-man Covid-19 gaslighting act

If you were hoping for the coronavirus threat to come down significantly in the United States any time soon, you should lower your expectations. The prospect of a meaningful nationwide drop in the number of new infections looks like a distant dream right now. To a large extent, that is the fault of the President of the United States.

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Fauci says normalcy may not return until next year

A return to normalcy following the Covid-19 pandemic could come within a year, but people need to tamp down their expectations for typical summer travel and activities, Dr. Anthony Fauci told British newspaper The Telegraph in a story published Sunday.

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Dollar, stocks slip as Fed signals slow growth

The dollar slid to a three-month low and a gauge of global stocks fell on Wednesday after the Federal Reserve projected a more sluggish recovery than the market expected, but the Nasdaq hit a fresh high on expectations of low interest rates past 2022.

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