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Opinion: Trump's sordid pardons cement his corrupt legacy

The Founding Fathers would have been disgusted by President Donald Trump's serial abuse of the pardon power. Nearly 90% of his pardons to date have gone to friends or politically connected allies -- including corrupt politicians. While the President's pardon power may seem unconstrained by the Constitution, a closer look shows that Trump is violating every principle the framers of the Constitution assumed would be followed by a principled President -- and there's evidence they intended special constraints on a President's pardon power after they'd been impeached.

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Capitol Hill riot denialism is already here

Law enforcement agencies are rounding up suspected rioters, combing through social media evidence, and uncovering the true depth of the plot to overtake the Capitol and stop the certification of Joe Biden's election.

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Officials chase signs DC riot was planned

Evidence uncovered so far, including weapons and tactics seen on surveillance video, suggests a level of planning that has led investigators to believe the attack on the US Capitol was not just a protest that spiraled out of control, a federal law enforcement official says.

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Prosecuting Trump is possible

The acting US Attorney for the District of Columbia, Michael Sherwin, confirmed Thursday that his office is investigating potential criminal charges against "all actors here and anyone that had a role" in the storming of the US Capitol on Wednesday by a violent mob. Importantly, Sherwin vowed that "if the evidence fits the elements of a crime here, they're going to be charged."

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Tapper: GOP siding with 'insanity' over fact

After some congressional Republicans announced they would challenge President-elect Joe Biden's victory by voting against counting electoral votes next week, CNN's Jake Tapper asks why members of the GOP would side with the President with no credible evidence suggesting widespread voter fraud.

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Bomb expert breaks down evidence at blast site

Jim Maxwell, a retired FBI bomb tech, discusses the Nashville explosion and the evidence at the blast site after authorities said the blast was "believed to be intentional."

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The week in 15 headlines

The week began with Joe Biden formally crossing the finish line in the Electoral College. Meanwhile, President Trump tweeted more baseless claims about a "rigged election" with zero evidence of widespread fraud. And despite promising news about vaccine distribution, the coronavirus pandemic is still tearing across the country, and this week alone, new infections were reported in one in 216 Americans.

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Analysis: Here's more proof that Trumpism isn't going anywhere

President Donald Trump won't be president in 35 days' time. But there's ample and growing evidence that the tentacles of his radical political philosophy have crept deep into the heart of the Republican Party -- ensuring that even after the billionaire businessman leaves office, his influence on the GOP will remain.

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GOP congressman to Republicans: What is going on?

Congressman Denver Riggleman, an outgoing Republican from Virginia, condemned the "contagion of disinformation" and criticized members of his party who supported an unprecedented lawsuit seeking to overturn President Donald Trump's election defeat despite there being no evidence of widespread fraud.

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Panel seeks CDC director response after official alleges she was ordered to delete email

The House subcommittee on the coronavirus crisis is requesting an interview with US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Robert Redfield after the panel describes concerns in a new letter over potential efforts by the Trump administration to "conceal and destroy evidence" of interference from political appointees in the work of career officials dealing with pandemic response.

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