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Republicans are politicizing the southern border

Like the children arriving at our border every day, my grandmother came to the US from Mexico at seven years old seeking a better life. She worked as a maid, a cook and a babysitter to provide for her family. Two generations later, one of her grandsons is serving in Congress and the other had the opportunity to serve in President Barack Obama's cabinet.

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Iconic cellist plays for Anderson Cooper

Cellist Yo-Yo Ma plays music for Anderson Cooper on Full Circle to foster a sense of comfort. Watch "Full Circle" every Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 6pm E.T.

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I was apathetic about gun violence -- until my 6-year-old son was killed

For a few days, the news focuses on coverage of whatever the most recent shooting is and the devastation it caused the families and communities. But like with most horrific stories, the majority of people will move on with their lives, unaware (or disbelieving) that the same violence could happen in their own community -- and in so many communities every single day.

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America is facing a ketchup packet shortage

When the doors open at the Blake Street Tavern every day, owner Chris Fuselier is looking for customers and looking for ketchup. "Absolutely," the Denver restaurateur says. "In hindsight, if you'd have asked me eighteen months ago would I have concerns about ketchup shortages, I would have said 'Are you crazy?'"

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The problem with 'bereavement' leave after pregnancy loss

Miscarriages are a normal, if distressing, part of childbearing. About 20% of recognized pregnancies miscarry, mostly in the first months of gestation. And yet many workplaces have been slow to recognize the physical and emotional impact of these losses on their employees. When I miscarried my first pregnancy at 11 weeks, I was lucky enough to be a graduate student with a flexible schedule and an understanding dissertation committee. But not everyone is so fortunate.

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Opinion: Anti-Asian sentiment runs deeper than you think

My 75-year-old Nepali mother, who lives in New York, goes for a walk every morning and every evening. I send her out in disguise: I bought her a blonde wig, and I tell her to wear it under a hat, glasses and mask. "Maybe then, they'll leave her alone," I think. I know it sounds crazy, but it's my survival instinct kicking in.

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Opinion: It's time to face the new reality on mask wearing

Walking around my Brooklyn neighborhood as the country comes out of a long, Covid-depressed winter, I notice nearly everyone engaging in a curious pandemic ritual: as we stroll past brownstones, we all pull our masks up as soon as we see one another coming.

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