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Analysis: 5 takeaways from Day 3 of Trump's trial

On Thursday, the House impeachment managers wrapped up their case for the conviction of Donald Trump for inciting the US Capitol riot on January 6, centering their argument on connecting the former President's words in advance of the riot and the actions taken by his supporters on that day.

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Analysis: A nation on edge braces for the transfer of power

The nation is entering inauguration week with an unnerving police and military presence guarding the vestiges of democracy -- with Americans holding their breath as federal officials warn about threats of violence and potential unrest that have clouded preparations for the ceremonies that will usher President-elect Joe Biden into the White House and send President Donald Trump back to private life.

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Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Memory fades as we age. But it doesn't have to

Ten months into the pandemic, I turned 51 and did the math: I'm entering the final third of my life. I know that sounds grim, and I am hoping to get more time than that, but I often do these mental calculations because the clock of life inspires me to make the most of the years that remain. That constant tick-tock reminds me to fill the final decades with invigorating experiences to bank in my inner black box -- a delightful cache of memories to replay over and over in my mind like a favorite movie.

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Stimulus relief talks at a critical juncture

The 116th Congress is entering a make-or-break moment: It can either collapse in a colossal failure or it can all come together quickly to give struggling Americans some desperately needed relief.

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The best true wireless earbuds of 2020

Apple may have ushered in the wire-free craze with its now-ubiquitous AirPods, but in 2020, there seems to be an endless influx of wireless earbuds entering the market. Amazon has Echo Buds; Samsung has Galaxy Buds; Google has Pixel Buds; Beats has Powerbeats Pro. The list goes on and on...

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LSU to stop temperature checks, resume alcohol sales at football games

Louisiana State University football fans will no longer be stopped to have their temperatures taken prior to entering Tiger Stadium. The move comes after the team's first home game -- a surprising 44-34 loss to Mississippi State -- and as an effort to minimize delays and congestion.

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