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'Perry Mason' gets a gritty new look on HBO

"This is not your grandma's Perry Mason" isn't much of a marketing pitch. A better description for this sort-of origin story, however, is "Chinatown" meets "Boardwalk Empire," in a slick, gritty period crime drama that's good enough to make an argument for watching, if not quite an open-and-shut case.

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MORNING BID-Green shoots but also job losses and geopolitics

(A look at the day ahead from EMEA deputy markets editor Sujata Rao. The views expressed are her own.) As if economic and pandemic troubles were not enough, the world's two most populous countries are engaged in border clashes that have killed at least 20 Indian soldiers and almost certainly some Chinese. Then nuclear-armed North Korea blew up a liaison office with the South and moved military police into the demilitarised zone.

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United Airlines secures $5 billion loan backed by loyalty program

United Airlines said on Monday it is securing a $5 billion loan backed by its MileagePlus loyalty program, bringing potential total liquidity to $17 billion, an amount that senior executives said would be enough to carry it through a potential second or third wave of the new coronavirus that could hit the aviation industry.

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Opinion: The next Greatest Generation

As 17-year-old Simone Jacques welcomed some 10,000 protesters demanding racial justice in San Francisco, she told of how people kept asking whether she and her fellow organizers were part of an "org." "We're just youth who grew up in the city," she said. "We're just people who care and love each other and love each other enough to take care of each other."

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