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Ransomware group says it released 'full data' on DC police department

A ransomware group said it published its "full data" on the Washington Metropolitan Police Department this week, claiming the department's payment offer wasn't enough to prevent the release, according to screenshots of online posts by the group that were reviewed by CNN.

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Review: Glenn Close and Mila Kunis can't dance fast enough to save the grim addiction tale 'Four Good Days'

"Four Good Days" is only a so-so movie, a grim addiction story -- based on a Washington Post piece -- that plumbs the extent to which a mother is willing to suffer and exercise tough love to save her child. Said mom is played by Glenn Close, in a role unlikely to put her back in the awards spotlight, opposite a very unglamorous Mila Kunis as her struggling daughter.

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Top White House cyber official says action taken so far not enough to deter further Russia cyberattacks

The White House's top official on the response to the massive SolarWinds hack says the sweeping measures announced by the Biden administration against Russia are unlikely on their own to prevent Moscow's malicious cyber activity against the US and did not dispute that the hackers responsible for the massive breach are still lurking on American networks.

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UN Climate Chief: We're not there yet

Patricia Espinosa, UN Climate Chief, joins Christiane Amanpour to discuss President Biden's Earth Day summit and whether the pledges made are enough.

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With Trump's backing, Walker freezes Senate GOP field in Georgia

Former President Donald Trump's backing of football great Herschel Walker to run for the Georgia Senate seat has been enough to effectively freeze the GOP field in place -- even though some Republicans privately worry the political neophyte might fizzle against Sen. Raphael Warnock in a high-stakes general election.

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Do you need to keep disinfecting everything?

Now that all Americans over the age of 16 are eligible for a Covid-19 vaccine, the challenge becomes convincing enough people to roll up their sleeves to get the shot.

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