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Poland's coal dependency hampers climate change efforts

Poland is more dependent on coal than any other EU state, for around 75% of its electricity. A full 8% of that electricity comes from a single brown coal mine, Turow, in the country's southwest. Phil Black travels there to understand the pain of the energy transition -- a change necessary to avoid even greater suffering from climate change.

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Environmentalists should applaud Biden

Joe Biden has a plan for addressing the crisis of climate change. One part of the plan pushes for moving America to carbon-free electricity by 2035. Another part speaks to creating new union jobs in clean energy.

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This is what distance learning should look like in the fall

When Kim Reeder started teaching in Parker, Colorado, 14 years ago, she found that managing the classroom environment took way more time and energy than actually teaching kids, and she couldn't reach as many of them as she wanted.

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Dr. Fauci: We will be testing more, not less

Dr. Anthony Fauci told the House Energy and Commerce Committee that he has not been directed to scale back on coronavirus testing and that the White House task force will be increasing the number of tests.

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This 5-minute yoga routine will boost your energy and start the day right

The countless hours that many of us have spent sitting at a makeshift desk in quarantine can be detrimental not only physically but also mentally. Hunched over a computer day in and day out, you're not just wreaking havoc on your posture, but you're likely feeling out of sorts and drained, too.

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