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The legal doctrine that could sway the election

As emergency petitions concerning voting rights challenges have raced through the courts in the final weeks of the election, judges and justices have found themselves trying to explain a legal doctrine that was designed to preserve the integrity of the electoral process.

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ER Doctor: If the President can get this, anyone can get this

An emergency room doctor working on the frontlines of the pandemic and presidential historian Tim Naftali talk with Anderson Cooper about this moment in US history following both President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump testing positive for coronavirus.

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Opinion: Child-free workers aren't selfish. They're being exploited

Six months into the Covid-19 pandemic that has shut down schools and day care centers and forced millions of Americans to work from home, the stressors of our no longer new normal are only growing. As it dawns on many of us that this situation is not an acute emergency but rather a protracted disaster with no end in sight, our collective patience is thinning. Which is perhaps why workplace tensions between people with children at home and those without seem higher than ever.

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Dozens of hospitals poised to defy FDA's directive on Covid plasma

Dozens of major hospitals across the U.S. are grappling with whether to ignore a federal decision allowing broader emergency use of blood plasma from recovered COVID patients to treat the disease in favor of dedicating their resources to a gold-standard clinical trial that could help settle the science for good.

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