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Ukrainian soldier to Russian warning: 'Go f*** yourself'

An audio tape of an exchange between the Ukrainian soldiers on an island in the Black Sea and an officer of the Russian Navy has emerged. All of the soldiers - who were defending Snake Island - are reported to have been killed, according to President Volodymyr Zelensky. This audio has been confirmed and verified as authentic by the Ukrainian Interior Ministry. CNN's Oren Liebermann reports.

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The future of the GOP isn't about DeSantis or Youngkin

A year after Donald Trump left the White House and with the 2022 midterms looming, much of the Republican Party has its sights on what, and who, comes next. Though Trump is still very much in the picture -- his recent rally in Arizona had strong back-on-the-campaign-trail vibes -- two Republican governors (and the states they represent) have emerged as possible answers to these GOP questions: Virginia's Glenn Youngkin and Florida's Ron DeSantis.

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Melania Trump steps back into the public eye

After months of relative public silence, former first lady Melania Trump before Christmas emerged from private life to announce a new project: A piece of artwork, a watercolor closeup of her eyes, in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT) was now available for purchase.

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Analysis: 7 Covid lessons for 2022

It's been two years since Covid emerged, one year since vaccine distribution began, and one month since Omicron upended hopes for a winter of recovery. As we move into a new year, here are seven life-saving lessons from 2021 that can get us closer to ending the pandemic.

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How close is the US to civil war? Closer than you think, study says

CNN's Michael Holmes talks with Professor Barbara Walter of the University of California San Diego about her work on a task force that tries to predict where outside the US a civil war is likely to break out. Walter says the two best predictors of whether violence is likely to occur currently exist in the US and have emerged at a "surprisingly fast rate."

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NIH director: Variant 'ought to redouble' vaccination efforts

The director of the National Institutes of Health stressed Sunday that a newly emerged coronavirus variant "ought to redouble" vaccination efforts and other mitigation strategies, saying that while much is unknown about the variant, action should be taken now to avoid "a situation that makes this worse."

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Travel restrictions start Monday

President Joe Biden will restrict travel from South Africa and seven other countries starting Monday as a new coronavirus variant has emerged, administration officials told CNN.

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Opinion: Why Halloween feels so different this year

An odd thing happened in our garden this year -- early this spring, we got some squash volunteers that I didn't recognize but let grow. On the thin strip of garden we keep planted out between the sidewalk and the street, they took root, and emerged several months later as an impromptu pumpkin patch.

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