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Paraglider hangs for hours after getting stuck in power lines

Emergency crews rescued a paraglider after he got tangled in electric lines while attempting to land in Olivehurst, California. The paraglider dangled for hours while fire officials coordinated with Pacific Gas and Electric to make sure all the energy was drained from the wires. CNN affiliate KTXL reports.

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Solar might be Tesla's secret weapon

Most investors only think about electric cars when they think about Tesla. But the company's solar power and storage battery business could be a major factor in the performance of Tesla shares, according to a new analyst note.

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GM is killing off an iconic 160-year-old brand

General Motors is killing off the iconic Holden brand and pulling out of Australia and New Zealand, the latest in a series of moves to shrink the US carmaker's global presence as it ramps up investments in electric and autonomous vehicles.

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