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What it's like on the world's shortest flight

The pilot, who is just inches away from his passengers, reaches up and flicks the metallic toggle switches that fire up his engines. Two propellers, visible through the windows on either side, spin noisily into life.

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Opinion: Why it's impossible for some people to follow Covid-19 guidelines

Over the past few weeks, people across the country have experienced the frustrations of demand for Covid-19 tests far exceeding supply. I can relate. After my son experienced a breakthrough Covid-19 case over the holidays, my wife and I scoured our area for at-home rapid antigen tests and PCR test appointments. Neither was available at local pharmacies. We managed to secure testing appointments at our local YMCA, only to have them canceled due to lack of staffing. We then got in a line at a state-run testing site in a sports arena. Two-and-a-half hours later we had our tests, and three days later my wife and I had our results, which came back negative.

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The question the GOP must answer about January 6

In the weeks after the 9/11 terrorist attack, then President George W. Bush famously stood on the floor of a joint session of Congress and declared to the nations of the world: "Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists." As we approach the one-year anniversary of the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, Dean Obeidallah writes that is the very question we all should pose to any GOP elected official who still downplays the assault or supports the election lie that led to the violence.

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Royals hope for jubilee reset after tumultuous 12 months

Every family has its breakdowns, but the outside world doesn't usually hear about them. The royal family doesn't like to air its dirty laundry in public either, traditionally preferring to adopt Queen's mantra of "never complain, never explain." So, when there's a wobble in that stiff upper lip, people lap up every detail.

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Opinion: 'Don't Look Up' makes critical mistake

On January 8, 2017, Meryl Streep gave a speech at the Golden Globe Awards that, depending on who you ask, either gave voice to heartbroken Americans or sorely misjudged voters' frustrations.

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Harris says administration 'didn't see' Delta or Omicron coming

Vice President Kamala Harris said the Biden administration "didn't see," either Delta or Omicron coronavirus variants coming, appearing to reinforce the perception that the federal response was caught flat-footed by the more severe Delta variant that swept over the country in the summertime.

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Trump uses anti-Semitic tropes to again criticize Jewish Americans

Former President Donald Trump, in a newly released interview, claimed that Jewish Americans "either don't like Israel or don't care about Israel," while also suggesting that evangelical Christians "love Israel more than the Jews in this country."

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Dead chickens have been keeping airplanes safe for years

You all excited for a third year of the pandemic? Neither are we. But as restrictions tighten around the world, CNN Travel has been taking solace in the world's greatest cocktail bars and Europe's finest cheeses.

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Former CDC director: What's next with Omicron and the pandemic?

On Thanksgiving morning, Covid reminded us that neither death nor mutations take a holiday. And while the virus gathers strength, a pandemic of pandemic fatigue undermines our ability to stop the virus. The newly discovered Omicron variant quickly led to border closures, a stock market plunge, and a collective sigh of despair: Will the pandemic ever end?

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Mixed messaging continues as US enters the booster era

Cases are going up. Hospitalizations are too. Depending on where you live, mask mandates are either being dropped or enacted. Vaccines are more available than ever, but hesitancy remains a real problem. Experimental drugs are showing promise as well, yet regulatory approval takes time.

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Opinion: Why Congress had to take a stand on Paul Gosar's video

The House vote to censure Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona was the only appropriate thing for members of Congress to do. It signaled that violence and misogyny have no place in our politics -- and neither do politicians like Gosar who promote them. While all 221 House Democrats voted for censure, they were joined by only two of their Republican colleagues.

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Labor shortage? Not at Target

A record number of Americans are quitting their jobs and businesses are desperately struggling to fill open positions. Target doesn't have either of those problems.

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Our generation will either renew democracy -- or lose it forever

On August 17, 2012, I was speaking to journalists outside the courthouse where three members of the punk collective Pussy Riot were being sentenced for criticizing Russian President Vladimir Putin in a music video filmed in a church. Suddenly, I was grabbed by the police. Videos captured the moment they tossed me, legs in the air, into the back of a police van. When I opened the unlocked door to ask what I was being charged with, they responded with a flurry of fists.

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Analysis: Voters made a hard turn back to kitchen table issues

In Tuesday's elections, Republican candidates surged in blue states, cities rejected major police reform and suburban voters showed their independence. The major takeaways? This is a more moderate and centrist country than activists on either the right or left let on, and Donald Trump fever may be breaking.

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