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Opinion: Panicking Trump tries to change the subject

The deadly pandemic is surging in the United States. Efforts to stop the spread have largely failed, with more Americans than ever becoming infected every day. In the face of the growing calamity, the leader of the country announced via Twitter he has taken decisive action -- to protect statues. President Donald Trump tweeted late Friday afternoon that he signed a "very strong" executive order protecting monuments and statues, with "Long prison terms for these lawless acts against our Great Country!"

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The nation's largest police force faces a financial reckoning

At a time of intense scrutiny of law enforcement since George Floyd's death, a movement to slash police department budgets nationwide is gaining momentum in the midst of police reform efforts and an uptick in violent crime in some major cities.

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Analysis: You put on pants. Why not a face mask?

It's not entirely clear which part of the Constitution is supposed to cover face masks, but somehow efforts to ensure public safety have been manipulated into a debate about freedom.

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Analysis: Police reform efforts face highest hurdle

The Black Lives Matter movement has changed American life and custom more than most people thought possible, but it is increasingly doubtful whether fractured Washington, rocked by treacherous election-year politics, will be able to match its historic sweep.

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