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Jeff Bezos is so rich he just set a new record

The economy might be a shambles, but Jeff Bezos' wallet couldn't tell. He's now worth nearly $172 billion, a new record for the world's richest person, according to Bloomberg Billionaire Index.

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Why face mask guidance has changed so much

First, health officials said we shouldn't wear face masks. Then, they said we should. Now, many are saying we must wear masks if we want to keep the economy open and save tens of thousands of lives.

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See what iconic city is like now as tourists begin to return

Before coronavirus, Venice was overwhelmed by tourists - a boon for the city's economy but a sometimes inconvenient reality for residents. As the city reopens, some residents tell CNN's Ben Wedeman they hope a new balance can be struck.

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TREASURIES-Yields fall as coronavirus spread dents risk appetite

U.S. Treasury yields fell on Thursday after cases of the novel coronavirus rose in several U.S. states, raising concerns that the economy may not bounce back as quickly as hoped. Several U.S. states reported a surge in new coronavirus infections on Wednesday and the daily count of infections also hit a new benchmark in California and Texas. Around 400 workers also tested positive for the virus at an

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