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China's economy is the envy of the world 

China's economy expanded by 4.9% in the third quarter compared to the previous year, according to government data published Monday, showing the rest of the world what's possible when Covid-19 is brought under control.

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Fauci says public health measures are the way to slow spread

As Covid-19 cases continue to soar across the country, the nation's top infectious disease doctor said following public health measures is the way out of the crisis that has hobbled the economy, claimed thousands of lives and sickened millions.

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Lockdown or a drip feed of Covid restrictions? One path is better for the economy

Governments across Europe are choosing between two vastly different strategies as a second wave of Covid-19 arrives in force. Most are imposing limited local restrictions and keeping their economies open. But in the UK and Ireland, scientific advisers have pushed for second national lockdowns, despite fears of an economic shock.

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Biden is no friend to Maduro

I've met Nicolás Maduro, and he's about the last person you'd want running a country. He's an incompetent authoritarian. He has driven his country and its economy into the ground.

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Analysis: China is winning the global economic recovery

While much of the world scrambles to prevent new coronavirus cases from stalling the fragile recovery from recession, China's economy is hitting its stride again and will end the year more influential than ever.

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This one issue could decide the election

History suggests that in election years with one big issue (that isn't the economy), voters will elect the person they trust most to handle it. CNN's Harry Enten explains how the Covid-19 pandemic may influence the 2020 presidential election.

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A shocking number of women left the workforce last month

Hundreds of thousands of women — nearly eight times more than the number of men — dropped out of the US labor force last month, as the pandemic continues to exacerbate inequalities in America's economy.

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Sean Penn and José Andrés: Trump has a duty

For more than seven months we've been fighting an invisible enemy on American soil. Every day, American citizens are suffering from the devastation of Covid-19. It has been a vicious and indiscriminate force ravaging communities, claiming more than 210,000 American lives and shattering the economy.

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The most important man in DC may not be Trump or Biden

President Trump or Joe Biden will need to make an incredibly important decision sometime in 2021 that will help determine whether the economy can continue to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. They need to decide whether or not to reappoint Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell.

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Opinion: Covid has been a terrible setback for mothers who work

As Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc on Americans' health, the American economy is suffering, too -- and our elected officials are doing virtually nothing to lessen the pain. But the damage isn't being distributed equally: Parents, and particularly mothers, are shouldering most of the burden. And it's going to do long-term damage to women's earnings, careers, and basic safety and security.

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