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Videos shows dire conditions of Brazil's health system

Brazil is gripped by a devastating new surge in cases, with thousands of people dying every day. Hospitals' intensive care units across the country are overstretched, and some states have warned they're running out of medicines necessary to intubate severe cases. CNN's Matt Rivers reports from Brazil.

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Rural Alaska is getting Covid vaccinations right. Here's what the rest of the US can learn

The immovable challenges of living in Alaska would, in theory, make it a nightmare to vaccinate all of its 731,000-plus residents: It's the largest state in the US in terms of land size, has some of the most extreme weather of any state and many resident Alaska Natives, who are disproportionately dying from Covid-19, live in the remote throes of the state.

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How to make the vaccine rollout more equitable

Covid-19 has disproportionately devastated the Black community. Black Americans are dying from the coronavirus at nearly twice the rate of White Americans -- and have been hospitalized nearly three times as often, according to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Black Americans, who make up a disproportionate share of essential workers, are also shouldering greater socioeconomic burdens during the pandemic. You would think that one way to bring back a measure of racial justice would be to work vigorously to eliminate this disparity when it comes to who can get the vaccine.

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Acting AG Rosen, stop this week's federal executions

Last Wednesday's insurrection left five dead. More than 3,000 Americans are dying on average each day from Covid-19, partly because of President Donald Trump's disregard for public health. Less known is that Trump has also unleashed a mad rush of federal executions, with three more scheduled for this week at the Terre Haute federal prison facility in Indiana.

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Analysis: The restaurant apocalypse is here

American restaurants are dying and Covid is killing them. More than 110,000 US restaurants have closed during the pandemic -- and more are likely to shut, with winter limiting outdoor options, cases surging and states imposing new restrictions.

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