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Raw cookie dough risk isn't relevant to Covid precautions

Here we go again: Covid-19 cases are falling in nearly every state, spring is in the air and everyone is getting restless. Some have even gone so far as to let us know they are done with the pandemic or at least ready to move away from the problem.

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The world's tastiest dumplings

How to define a dumpling? In its most basic sense, it's a pocket of dough filled with some form of savory or sweet stuffing.

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What it means when cats knead with their paws

Do you ever see your cat shifting his front paws back and forth just before settling down for a nap? Have you heard some cat lovers talk about their feline friends "making biscuits" or "kneading dough"?

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How to make pizza dough at home

Like the foundation of a house, the key to great pizza begins with the crust. And for "Searching for Italy" host Stanley Tucci, there's one pizza dough recipe in particular that his family loves.

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Cottagecore has us yearning for a bygone era that never was

Acres of flower fields stretch into the horizon as you frolic in the amber glow of the afternoon sun. After foraging for an assortment of plants, you return to your secluded cottage to bake a crusty loaf of sourdough bread and sip on a cup of herbal tea.

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