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Rod Blagojevich thanks Trump after being freed from prison

Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojovich, a Democrat who has served eight years of a 14-year prison sentence for a host of public corruption charges, including trying to solicit money for an appointment to former President Barack Obama's vacated Senate seat, thanks President Donald Trump after Trump commuted his prison sentence.

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Ex-federal prosecutor: This is a smokescreen

Attorney General William Barr has told people he's considered resigning over President Donald Trump's interference with Justice Department matters, particularly the President's tweets, according to a source close to the situation.

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Analysis: Donald Trump and his pardon triangle

President Donald Trump on Tuesday picked a handful of corrupt former officials and corrupt wealthy influence peddlers and granted them clemency, just days after his administration's latest controversy: accusations that he was tipping the scales of justice in favor of his friend Roger Stone (which he keeps saying he has every right to do, but denies doing).

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Obama and Trump face off over claims of strong economy

President Donald Trump is lashing out after former President Barack Obama marked the 11th anniversary on Monday of signing a nearly $800 billion stimulus package designed to reverse the effects of the Great Recession.

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Bloomberg would sell his company if elected, adviser says

Michael Bloomberg would sell his financial information and media company if he's elected president in an effort to be "180 degrees away from where Donald Trump is on these issues," an adviser to his campaign said Tuesday.

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