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IPOs have been hot. Now investors are dumping them

2021 was a record year for initial public offerings. Looking to take advantage of hot markets, companies raised more money than ever before, netting tens of billions of dollars in the process.

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What the Texas abortion decision portends for reproductive rights

For months, abortion bans made national headlines, in large part thanks to Texas. The state passed a law banning abortion at six weeks, the point at which doctors could detect fetal cardiac activity, and allowed any private citizen to sue a doctor or person aiding or abetting someone seeking an abortion for at least $10,000 dollars a procedure. The legislation solved the state's problems of enforcing laws by creating a lucrative bounty and incentivizing neighbors, friends and family to report one another.

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How Elizabeth Holmes' abuse allegations could impact her criminal trial

For months, jurors at Elizabeth Holmes' criminal trial have heard one witness after another speak about the confident and charismatic former CEO of Theranos. Witnesses testified about how she convinced investors to pour hundreds of millions of dollars into her failed blood-testing startup, attracted a star-studded roster of board members and negotiated a key retail partnership on her own without a lawyer present.

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Why America's economy may still need trillions of dollars

News that prices for American consumers are rising at the fastest rate in three decades has spooked investors and economists, piling pressure on President Joe Biden and the Federal Reserve to respond more aggressively.

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