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The Asian American voters who could help Trump win a second term

With Elections Day less than 100 days away, and President Donald Trump underwater in national polling averages, he is once again relying on his mastery of sowing discord to divide the nation and to distract the American public from his irresponsible leadership throughout this pandemic.

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Fact-check: In repealing Obama-era rule, Trump makes false claims about low-income housing, crime and the suburbs

As his support among the white suburban voters who helped propel him to the presidency has cratered, President Donald Trump has increasingly aimed to stoke fear and racial division at a time when the country faces a national reckoning on race. In recent months, the President has called Black Lives Matter a "symbol of hate," while also defending the Confederate flag.

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We need to address the digital divide

Millions of American students won't be heading back to the classroom this fall, at least not full time. From Los Angeles to New York, remote learning will continue into the fall.

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Sorry, Trump: The 2020 election is on

In June 1948, the situation in postwar Berlin was tense. For three years, the city had been divided into competing zones of occupation, but now the Soviet Union had cut the Western Allies' access routes, making a play for dominance.

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A former Russian spy talks disinformation tactics and the 2020 election

Feeding incendiary documents to news outlets. Infiltrating activist groups. Sowing division and confusion. It might sound like a recap of Russia's efforts to meddle in the 2016 US election, but some of these same tactics were laid bare in a CNN television report on Soviet disinformation efforts back in 1983.

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Here's how Congress may help the unemployed

The clock is ticking on the $600 weekly boost to unemployment benefits, but Congress is still divided over how to help the millions of Americans who remain out of work.

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Coffee shipment found stuffed with cocaine

Police in Italy discovered cocaine stuffed inside individually hollowed-out coffee beans, after opening a parcel addressed to a fictional Mafia boss from a Hollywood movie.

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