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'Operation Finale' revisits horrors of Nazism

Consider it a disquieting sign of the times that "Operation Finale" possesses more cathartic resonance than it might have a few years ago, simply by offering a reminder of the horrors of Nazism. A slow-moving thriller, this true story about Mossad agents who brought Adolf Eichmann to justice derives its power largely from the psychological square-off between Oscar Isaac and Ben Kingsley in the pivotal roles.

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The President begins a 6-day European trip after casting US allies as freeloaders and often seeming more in tune with Russia's foreign policy aims than those of NATO

President Donald Trump begins a six-day European trip amid blazing anxiety among US allies over his commitment to the transatlantic alliance and antipathy for its leaders and institutions while stirring new disquiet about his cozy, baffling relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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North Korea sets template for other rogue states

Among the many strides North Korea has made in its development of nuclear weapons it can add another disquieting distinction: the precedent it's set for other rogue states who covet nuclear weapons.

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