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Putin: Macron said US position has 'changed'

Russian President Vladimir Putin discusses a phone call he had with French President Emmanuel Macron where Macron said that the US position has "changed" on Russia's proposals.

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'SNL' mocks Biden over failures in first year

Journalist Mara Schiavocampo discusses "SNL"'s take on the start of President Biden's 2022. Host Colin Jost took jabs at Biden in Saturday's broadcast, mocking his record in office.

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Ted Cruz's act of cowardice

Republican Senator Ted Cruz walked back his comments calling January 6th a "terrorist attack" after receiving slack from Trump World and one of it's leading figures... Fox News Host Tucker Carlson. In the latest episode of The Point, CNN's Chris Cillizza discusses why Cruz is changing course on his messaging in order to keep his future political aspirations alive within the Trump base.

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The sleep rules technique got these toddlers to stay in bed

CNN's Chloe Melas and her husband Brian Mazza haven't had a full night's rest for years thanks to their two adorable toddlers. They get help from a respected kid-sleep-guru, Dr. Marc Weissbluth, who discusses sleep rules, night routines and kid-friendly melatonin.

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