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Jim Acosta on Trump move: This is almost straight out of The Onion

Former presidents traditionally try to build their legacies by taking on charitable endeavors; Donald Trump is offering "personalized greetings" to supporters on his website. CNN's Jim Acosta discusses with Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio, who says the move is an effort to expand his mailing list.

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See Don Lemon's reaction to new Georgia voting law

CNN's Don Lemon discusses the new voting law in Georgia that restricts ballot access and gives state officials more power over local elections. Georgia state representative Park Cannon was arrested and removed from the Georgia Capitol after the passage of the state's voting bill.

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Mass shootings show what is poisoning American democracy

The recent shootings in Boulder and Atlanta have put the issue of gun violence at the center of America's national discussion, and both tragedies demand greater attention be paid to how racism and gun violence, especially mass shootings, intersect. Specifically, America's legal, educational, and policy structures must untangle the relationship between gun violence, race, democracy, and public safety.

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