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Opinion: Putin's big miscalculation

Is Russian President Vladimir Putin planning to invade Ukraine, potentially launching a new war in Europe? The answer remains elusive after a week of intensive diplomacy, with consecutive meetings between Russian officials and US, NATO and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe envoys.

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Opinion: The last thing Biden needs

The last thing President Joe Biden needs in 2022 are crises with Russia and China, and increased tensions with Iran and possibly North Korea. Sadly, that may well be where events are heading. And it's not at all clear whether even a skillful combination of deterrence and diplomacy can prevent them.

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The duchesses stepping up in Queen's absence

As the world's longest-serving head-of-state, the Queen's skill at wooing world leaders is masterful. Adept in the art of soft diplomacy, she's revered by the other heads-of-state for her hosting skills and ability to avoid offending her guests.

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Vax van seeks to avert super-spreader event at UN

In a new take on vaccine diplomacy, a free mobile Covid-19 testing and vaccination station is welcoming world leaders and delegates at this week's UN General Assembly, seeking to avoid a super-spreader event.

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Kim Jong Un has a message for the US

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un says he is prepared for dialogue or confrontation with the US. CNN's Brian Todd examines how President Joe Biden could handle diplomacy with the regime after the Trump administration's outwardly friendly relationship.

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Traditional US allies who spent the past four years unable to establish stable relations with the White House now wonder if they can take Biden at his word

The first 100 days of an American presidency is as much about setting a tone as it is about getting things done. In President Joe Biden's case, his message to the world has been loud and clear: Donald Trump's "America First" isolationism is over. "America is back. Diplomacy is back," Biden proclaimed in his first foreign policy speech in February.

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Biden ramps up vaccine diplomacy efforts as hopes rise that he'll share surplus doses

President Joe Biden, well on his way to reaching a new goal of vaccinating 200 million Americans by the end of April, is taking initial steps toward helping other nations ramp up shots, including by boosting global manufacturing and appointing a top global health expert who previously advocated for shipping vaccines from the United States' surplus abroad.

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Opinion: What Biden's new security and diplomatic team can do for America

President-elect Joe Biden has allowed the world, or at least the rational, democratic (with a small d) part of it, to breathe a sigh of relief. With the designation of Antony Blinken as Secretary of State and Jake Sullivan as National Security Adviser, suddenly it seems that order and rationality are on the cusp of being restored to American diplomacy.

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