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Analysis: Harris will change what power looks like

Two weeks after a deadly insurrection put on display the White outrage that threatens the country's multiracial democracy, a dramatically different scene will unfold at the US Capitol.

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What Hoover could teach Trump about inauguration

For most of the country's history, a peaceful transition of power has defined American democracy. That does not mean we have always been a nation united. What marks Joe Biden's inauguration as different is not the disagreement among parties and peoples, but rather how the opposition expresses those differences.

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Guiding gender-atypical kids through puberty

My 11-year-old daughter and I cracked open a book I'd bought for her on puberty and changing female bodies. On the very first page it informed her that, once her body developed, men would start looking at her differently.

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Bulletproof vests and gas masks: Journalists prep for inauguration

At the end of December, Los Angeles Times Washington Bureau Chief Kimbriell Kelly was looking at getting Moleskine notebooks as gifts for her staff. A couple weeks later, she was procuring goods of a decidedly different kind: gas masks, helmets and body armor for LA Times staff members who will be attending Wednesday's inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.

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Analysis: What will Biden do first and how will he do it?

With the drama of Donald Trump's last presidential gasps -- and the urgency of his pending post-presidential impeachment trial for inciting insurrection -- it's been easy to gloss over the fact that in four days there will be a new president with very different priorities.

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Police respond differently when it's a left-wing protest, study finds

President Donald Trump's supporters were still rampaging through the US Capitol when the question arose: If these had been Black Lives Matter demonstrators instead of overwhelmingly White, militant Trump backers, how different would the police response have been?

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Analysis: Trump's second impeachment still won't remove him from office

We're looking at a second impeachment of President Donald Trump. The process will be different this time, both for the lawmakers sitting in judgment of Trump and for the man himself. One thing we know: He'll stay in office and likely finish out his term, because it takes a Senate conviction to remove him.

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Analysis: How Trump led Republicans to historic losses

The Democratic wins in the Georgia Senate runoffs this week ensured President Donald Trump's place in electoral history. While much has been written about Trump's ability to pull off electoral victories in spite of conventional wisdom, the actual record shows something considerably different.

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Opinion: Mike Pence is in a weird spot

"And now for something completely different," John Cleese routinely intoned between absurdist sketches on "Monty Python's Flying Circus." He might have been wearing a tuxedo or a pink bikini, and on one occasion he said it while appearing to be roasting on a spit.

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