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Opinion: 'Encanto' shifts the female paradigm

To all the girls who prefer baseball diamonds to rings, who consider themselves both strong and beautiful -- and to all children and their parents who ought to learn that this option exists --- Disney's "Encanto" offers an antidote and a new paradigm in female representation.

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Man-made diamonds are the new engagement ring trend

For many couples who recently cemented their commitment to each other with an engagement, the choice of ring featured not natural but man-made gemstones — including the center diamond.

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Smuggled Romanov royal jewels sell for nearly $900,000

A sapphire and diamond brooch and matching earrings, which were part of the royal jewels from Russia's Romanov family smuggled out of the country during the 1917 revolution, sold for 806,500 Swiss francs ($883,641.94) on Wednesday, Sotheby's said.

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The $3.5 million spectacles said to ward off evil

Two pairs of 17th-century glasses are expected to fetch millions of dollars at auction next month. The jewel-encrusted spectacles, which feature lenses made from diamond and emerald rather than glass, are believed to have originally belonged to royals in the Mughal Empire, which once ruled over the Indian subcontinent.

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Huge 1,174-carat diamond unearthed in Botswana

An enormous 1,174-carat diamond has been unearthed in Botswana, a mining company has said, the second massive diamond to be found in the country in the space of a few weeks.

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