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Opinion: I was relieved when my sons got mild Covid-19. Then I thought about this

Covid-19 continues its rampage across the US with the Omicron coronavirus variant spreading here, then there, then everywhere. Two months ago, the US had less than 100,000 new cases diagnosed each day; now the number is over 600,000, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, with no signs of slowing down.

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'Parasite' star diagnosed with thyroid cancer

South Korean actress Park So Dam, who shot to fame at home and abroad thanks to her role in the Oscar-winning movie "Parasite," has been diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer.

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Chris Christie: 'Undeniable' that Trump gave me Covid last year

In a PBS interview, Republican former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who spent a week in the ICU with Covid in 2020, says that then-President Donald Trump gave him Covid-19 during debate preparation sessions where six-out-of-seven people involved were later diagnosed.

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Opinion: What the election takeaways are getting wrong

Efforts to diagnose Democratic defeat in Virginia, a state which has trended reliably blue in recent years due to its northern suburbs and which President Biden won by 10 points, have missed the mark.

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Opinion: Powell showed that even the bravest are vulnerable

In 2003, when Colin Powell announced he was undergoing treatment for prostate cancer, I remember being struck by the news. As a cancer patient myself -- I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 1996 -- I knew how difficult it was to speak out about a diagnosis. Making that information public made you vulnerable. And that only increased for someone who was also the secretary of state.

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Opinion: Cancer survivor blows the whistle on 'toxic positivity'

At the age of 35, Kate Bowler was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. Doctors predicted that at best she had two years to live -- essentially handing the Duke Divinity School professor a death sentence. Since then, she's been on the receiving end of a maddening collection of cringey cliches presumably meant to encourage her, but which have only made her already terrifying situation more difficult.

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How to improve sleep habits to support emotional wellness, according to a therapist

I worked recently with a 25-year-old man struggling at his job. He described difficulty thinking clearly and missing too many days. And his relationship with his girlfriend was nearly over due to his admitted neglect. Diagnosed with both depression and anxiety, he said he felt disengaged in his life. He had been in therapy before for a couple of years, and had tried medications for depression, anxiety and attention issues. Nothing seemed to work.

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'We wish for 2020 again,' this doctor told CNN. Hear why

Daniel Wilkinson, a US Army veteran, died from a treatable illness after being unable to get an ICU bed on time. Hasan Kakli, the doctor who diagnosed and strived to find a bed for Wilkinson, speaks to CNN's Kate Bolduan.

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