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Opinion: Trump is the one witness we all need to hear from

There are various names being bandied about as potential witnesses for the impending impeachment trial of Donald Trump, from former national security adviser John Bolton to Joe Biden's son, Hunter. But the one name that has been left out is the very person who possesses by far the greatest amount of detailed knowledge of the key issues: Donald J. Trump.

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This is why we're talking about Ricki Lake's hair

TV show host, actress, and documentary maker Ricki Lake has revealed in a detailed and frank post on social media that she has shaved off her hair, after dealing with long-term hair loss.

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Opinion: The Trump cover-up is unfolding before our eyes

Last week, we got a small but tantalizing glimpse of the explosive cache of documents that the White House has tried to keep hidden from public view. They detailed the Trump administration's withholding of foreign aid to compel Ukraine to investigate one of the President's political rivals. It was a stark reminder that the administration is keeping vital information away from Congress and the public by stifling key witnesses who have firsthand knowledge of President Donald Trump's dealings with Ukraine.

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