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Woodward/Costa book details GOP infighting over how to handle Trump after election loss

In their new book "Peril," Bob Woodward and Robert Costa document how top Republicans struggled to manage Donald Trump's exit from the White House while also trying to convince him to help the party down the road. Filled with scenes of backbiting, temper tantrums, and expletive-filled phone calls, the book depicts a GOP in chaos, desperately trying to preserve its relationship with Trump.

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Biden says Trump is rooting for violence

• Authorities give their first version of the police shooting • Alleged Kenosha shooter's social media depicts affinity for guns, police and Trump • Trump stays silent on Jacob Blake shooting but vows to stop violent protests and slams the NBA

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The Italian artist imagining eerie futuristic cities

In Italian artist Giacomo Costa's imagined urban landscapes, shadowy concrete apartment buildings are stacked high, devoid of human presence. In other images he depicts sculptural feats of architecture, their damaged facades eclipsing towering skylines. More of his scenes reveal the husks of buildings overgrown with dense, green plants as woods overtake the remains of empty cities.

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