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I went to Washington for joy, and Amanda Gorman delivered it

Like millions of other Americans, I was infected with Covid-19 in 2020 -- part of a wave of suffering that came as a direct result of the way the Trump administration failed to manage the pandemic. While I thankfully recovered, it wasn't lost on me that I got sick while reporting on the plight of meat processing workers in Arkansas whose pleas to be seen and heard amid the pandemic were going largely ignored. At the end of four years of a presidency in which journalists like me were regularly declared "enemies of the people" and after recovering from Covid-19, I began 2021 wondering how to recover my hope for democracy and sense of faith in the citizens of the United States.

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Opinion: The people who saved America's democracy

Wednesday was certainly a day of celebration. After a month of turbulence, danger, and political instability, President Joe Biden was sworn into office. The transition of power happened. A new commander in chief, who is committed to the health of our democratic institutions, started his term.

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Biden's inaugural speech got it exactly right

Words matter, and on Wednesday Joe Biden faced the first challenge of what will surely be a challenging presidency. His inaugural address arrived in the wake of a tempestuous, bitter presidency that has left the nation miserably divided, with over 400,000 dead from an out-of-control pandemic, with jobs declining, and with democracy itself having recently been assaulted by a frenzied mob of insurrectionists.

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Analysis: Harris will change what power looks like

Two weeks after a deadly insurrection put on display the White outrage that threatens the country's multiracial democracy, a dramatically different scene will unfold at the US Capitol.

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What Hoover could teach Trump about inauguration

For most of the country's history, a peaceful transition of power has defined American democracy. That does not mean we have always been a nation united. What marks Joe Biden's inauguration as different is not the disagreement among parties and peoples, but rather how the opposition expresses those differences.

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America almost lost its democracy. Here's how we stop that from happening again

As we swear in a new President and look to a new era in Washington DC, a cloud of anger and fear hangs over America after pro-Trump insurrectionists stormed the US Capitol. President-elect Joe Biden has big plans and a serious mandate, but he will have to govern a divided nation, one that was nearly torn apart by a mob hellbent on destroying it. I talk to US Rep. Jim Himes of Connecticut and CNN Senior Political Analyst David Gergen about what comes next for America's fragile democracy. But first, Rep. Himes writes this week's CNN op-ed. --SE Cupp

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Cindy McCain: America is still worth fighting for

Faith in our country is the bedrock of our democracy. My late husband John McCain spoke of falling in love with our country while he was a prisoner in someone else's. America's decency -- our "faith in the wisdom, justice and goodness of its people," he once said, makes America "not just a place, but an idea, a cause worth fighting for." His experience meant he was no longer his own man -- he was his country's.

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Analysis: A nation on edge braces for the transfer of power

The nation is entering inauguration week with an unnerving police and military presence guarding the vestiges of democracy -- with Americans holding their breath as federal officials warn about threats of violence and potential unrest that have clouded preparations for the ceremonies that will usher President-elect Joe Biden into the White House and send President Donald Trump back to private life.

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Capitol rioters made a mockery of Christian values

As someone who has devoted his entire life to understanding, exploring and teaching the truth about Christianity, I saw the use of Christian symbols and rhetoric as part of the violent assault on the US Capitol as a desecration of democracy's chapel and a blaspheme of my faith.

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Retired General: Trump needs to go

When I retired from the Army in 2013 as a three-star general, I thought that retired military officers should not make public political statements. We take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, not to pledge alliance to certain political leaders. But the events of the last week have led me to reflect more deeply about what service to our country means. I can no longer remain silent because more than anything, it is a time for all citizens and leaders to stand up for our democracy. We must find ways to heal a very divided nation.

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Why America can still promote democracy

Last week, as the smoke cleared from the shocking pro-Trump mob attack on the US Capitol, America's global reputation as a stable, strong democracy emerged badly damaged. Now, many are questioning whether it can ever regain the moral authority necessary to lead the world's democracies, fledgling or otherwise.

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Why talk radio is ground zero in US democracy crisis

Shortly after the Capitol attack on January 6, several media companies leapt into action, scrambling to modify the infrastructures of misinformation that had been a source of steady profits throughout the Trump years.

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There's only one way to stop violent extremists

Extremism has a knack for metastasizing and coming back to wreak havoc upon its hosts. Once a cohort or society builds a hateful mindset, the hatred takes on a life of its own. Extremist ideology not only hurts a society's enemies, but also eventually attacks from within and harms the society from which it originated. I first started observing this phenomenon abroad -- and it saddens but does not surprise me that we are starting to see it haunt American democracy too.

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Carl Bernstein: This stain will cling to Donald Trump forever

The potential removal of President Donald Trump from office starts out more popular than any other removal process of a president in recent American history. Legendary Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein says Republican leaders need to constrain Trump to prevent further damage to democracy.

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