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Biden demands faster drop in gas prices as oil tumbles

• Russia could lose 30% of its oil output within weeks, IEA warns • Natural gas is expensive, dirty and financing war. Here are 5 ways to use less of it • Covid. War. Inflation. Recession fears. The stock market can't keep up

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Lower your holiday stress with these 5 easy moves

Whether it be from the pressure of social demands or more physical causes like lack of sleep, it's normal to feel stress and become overwhelmed with added chores during this holiday season. However, there are ways to integrate exercise into our everyday lives without adding stress or anxiety.

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'Great Resignation' and 'Striketober' send a message

The rumblings of labor activism can be felt across the country these days. On-the-job actions are rapidly growing, from strikes at John Deere and Warrior Met Coal to worker walkouts at fast food chains and a strike authorization that sparked management concessions for roughly 60,000 film and television workers, whose demands for more humane workplace conditions is particularly raw in the wake of the "Rust" set shooting. So many strikes have gotten underway this month that some have taken to calling this "Striketober." Add in the Great Resignation — the record number of workers quitting their jobs in 2021 — and it's clear that American workers are not only fed up, but feeling empowered to fight for better wages and working conditions.

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Analysis: Kids could be the budget bill's big winners -- or losers

President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats are poised to channel historic investments into programs for kids -- if they can navigate around competing demands, particularly from programs for seniors, as they slim down the massive public investment and social safety net bill now under intense negotiation on Capitol Hill.

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The Taliban's recapture of Afghanistan has sparked fears of an al Qaeda and ISIS revival

In the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States, the Taliban resisted demands from Washington to hand over al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. The result was an invasion by US and allied forces, which swept the Taliban from power. Fast forward 20 years and the question facing Western intelligence is whether Taliban 2.0 are any more or less sympathetic to al Qaeda and other jihadists taking shelter in Afghanistan.

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Opinion: If you're not vaccinated, protect other people

Months into an aggressive Covid-19 vaccination campaign that had begun to stall as a large segment of Americans refused to get inoculated, there is some evidence that progressive politicians are finally starting to respond to the demands of their fed-up and Covid-vaccinated constituents.

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Review: 'Naomi Osaka' portrays a young athlete wrestling with the weight of stardom

"Naomi Osaka" tackles a lot more than just tennis, but this Netflix docuseries (really just a 110-minute documentary sliced into three parts) works best as a window into the demands placed on young athletes, and the pressures -- from personal to political to marketing -- that go with it. On that level alone it's a winner, despite a few faults.

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