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Thousands gather in Bangkok demanding reforms

Thousands gathered in Thailand this weekend at a rally calling for reform, which culminated Sunday with a group attempting to march to the Monarch's Privy Council, next to the Royal Palace, to deliver their demands -- an explosive and unprecedented move in a country that reveres the monarchy.

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Trump's bogus health care promise was on full display in town hall

President Donald Trump is used to taking questions from celebrity anchors at Fox News, who lob softballs greased with praise. His appearance in a town hall Tuesday night, held by ABC News, featuring questions from undecided voters in Pennsylvania, was an altogether different experience. Faced with demands for answers, Trump resorted to his standard lies about what he has done and what his rival, Democratic candidate Joe Biden, would do as president.

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AmazonBasics under scrutiny from lawmakers after CNN investigation

Three senators are demanding the recall of any hazardous products branded with Amazon's name after a CNN investigation found that dozens of AmazonBasics electronics remained for sale despite customers reporting the products had melted, exploded or burst into flames.

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In pictures: March on Washington

Fifty-seven years to the day after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech, civil rights activists are once more climbing the steps and demanding change.

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Analysis: John Lewis' demands from 57 years ago couldn't feel more familiar today

In 1963, a young John Lewis arrived at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom prepared to excoriate the Kennedy administration, which many racial justice activists viewed as lacking moral resolve in its approach to civil rights. The speech was so damning, though, that other leaders asked Lewis to tamp it down.

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