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Watch the Senate laugh at Trump's lawyer

Senators laughed after former President Trump's defense lawyer Michael van der Veen mispronounced 'Philadelphia' during Trump's second impeachment trial.

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Analysis: Trump's many defenses, explained

Former President Donald Trump's defense team used just a few of the 16 hours they were allotted to make their case for his acquittal on Friday, and encouraged senators to use the rest of the time on Covid relief.

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Attorney is asked when Trump knew the Capitol was breached

Asked for specifics about when former President Donald Trump learned of the Capitol breach and what actions he took to end the chaos, defense attorney Michael van der Veen referenced an incomplete timeline dating back to December 2020 and suggested that House impeachment managers failed to address the topic in their presentation.

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Analysis: Get ready for Trump's defense

House Democrats rested their case against of President Donald Trump. House impeachment managers dedicated the third day of Trump's second impeachment trial to showing how the former President cultivated his supporters, drew them to Washington and then dispatched them to the Capitol.

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Use of troops in vaccination effort is slow to start

The Biden administration's rollout out of active-duty troops to boost vaccination capacity is off to a slow start as the Federal Emergency Management Agency sorts through requests from individual states, according to multiple defense officials.

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