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Ex-GOP Party chairman rips Trump supporters

Michael Steele, the former chairman of the Republican National Committee, sharply criticized President Donald Trump's supporters on Wednesday night for their continued loyalty even as the US death toll from coronavirus nears 200,000.

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Trump's Covid-19 response is worse than giving up

More than 185,000 people have already died from the coronavirus in the US. If you've checked the Johns Hopkins Covid-19 dashboard as frequently as I have for the last several months, the growing death toll may have started to look like numbers on a broken digital scale counting up to some interminable figure. Its persistent climb demonstrates the eerie psychological trick large numbers play on our minds: "If only one man dies ... that is a tragedy. If millions die, that's only statistics."

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Key model predicts dire Covid-19 death toll by year's end

A new key model predicts the coronavirus death toll in the US could reach 410,000 people by the end of the year. CNN's Alexandra Field reports pressure to develop a vaccine or a therapeutic drug to treat the virus is intensifying.

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Researchers say this man got Covid-19 twice

With the US death toll from coronavirus passing 177,000, researchers in China say a 33-year-old man living in in Hong Kong is the first person confirmed to have been reinfected with the virus. CNN's Brian Todd reports.

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Opinion: Discovering the source of Biden's empathy on night 2

Throughout the second night of their national convention, Democrats wisely highlighted Joe Biden's encounters with personal tragedy. At a time when Americans are reeling from the raw horror of an average of 1,000 deaths a day from the coronavirus -- and with a president, Donald Trump, who has dismissed the death toll with a stoic "it is what it is" -- Democrats are showing that Biden would be a president capable of genuine empathy for families shaken and sorrowful in a time of catastrophe.

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Trump on Covid death toll: 'It is what it is'

President Donald Trump said the United States' staggering death toll from coronavirus "is what it is" in a new interview, again giving his administration credit for its response despite ongoing surges in new cases and a human toll that far outpaces that of any other nation.

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Opinion: The ludicrous plot against Fauci

Since 1984, scientist and physician Anthony Fauci has led America's response to infectious disease, saving countless lives and gaining the world's gratitude as he advised five prior presidents. Now, as America's coronavirus pandemic death toll passes 135,000, a sixth president needs Dr. Fauci and his expertise. Instead, aides to President Donald Trump are trashing Fauci, apparently setting him up for bureaucratic assassination.

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Costco stops selling half-sheet cakes

• US has world's highest confirmed Covid-19 death toll as cases hit new highs • At least 12 states hit pause on reopening plans as Covid-19 cases surge • Dr. Fauci says vaccine might not produce herd immunity US needs

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