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'Maybe if they see me, they'll stop'

Since the death of George Floyd, we've seen so many powerful photos from the protests — images that have filled up social-media feeds and resonated with people all over the world.

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James Meredith: I am George Floyd

The death of George Floyd last month set us on an entirely new path of history. Perhaps it will lead to the beast of white supremacy, which has cursed this nation since before its history began, finally being conquered.

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Opinion: Reimagining policing will make us safer

The brutal death of George Floyd has rightly trained our eyes on systemic racism and bias in our criminal justice system and the long history of law enforcement's excessive use of force, which is most often aimed at black Americans. It is clear that nothing short of a complete transformation of policing is necessary to ensure safety for the people of our country.

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America has to reckon with its original sins

During one of the most tumultuous weeks in recent American history, massive demonstrations against the brutal actions of Minneapolis police in the death of George Floyd spread across the country in over 700 cities and towns.

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Exclusive: Refinery29 is reeling from claims of racism and toxic work culture. Employees say it's worse behind the scenes

Amid the protests over the death of George Floyd and larger racial inequalities in the US last week, Refinery29 swapped the colors of its website, going from its usual jewel-tone to the Black Lives Matter movement's signature black. It was supposed to be a show of solidarity and of unity between a progressive website aimed at women and the movement.

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