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What one man's life and death can teach us about the fight for the Black vote

In this episode of CNN's digital series, "History Refocused," a former slave's story shows both the immense power of the vote and the community-shattering effects when it's taken away by violence. Abby Phillip talks with CNN's Brandon Tensley to discuss why federal intervention was key in the Reconstruction years and is still needed today.

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Hundreds of birds suddenly drop from the sky

Nearly 100 migratory birds were found after dropping mid-flight in Chihuahua, Mexico. Local authorities haven't confirmed what caused the birds' sudden death, Reuters reports.

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Were 3 officers negligent in George Floyd's death?

The trial has begun for the three other officers on hand while Derek Chauvin was killing George Floyd. Two were in their first days on the job, and one had been trained by Chauvin. Are they criminally liable for not intervening?

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